What do we recommend for schools?

If you want an air purification system for a large area like a school or gym, it's important to choose the right unit.
Not all purifiers are created equal, and only some can make a significant impact in a large space.
We recommend Aerus air purifiers that use ActivePure Technology for large spaces. These purifiers work well because:

They can filter out viruses
They target contaminants and allergens
You can choose permanent or portable options

A few of the products we carry are the AP500, Mid-Range Blaster, Aerus Pure & Clean and the Beyond Guardian Air.
The Beyond Guardian Air is a residential and commercial air purifier that's portable and doesn't require installation.
If you want to start improving your indoor air quality quickly, this is a great choice. Reach out to us today for more information about our air purification systems.

Rid away germs throughout your building

High-touch surfaces can easily become breeding grounds for dangerous germs.
Are you worried about bacteria building up on your countertops and doorknobs? Our sanitization services can take care of everything.
We'll make sure that your property is disinfected.

We offer a wide variety of sanitization services. You can count on us to:

Set up an air purifier system to eliminate contaminants in your air
Install a cold-water laundry system to lift stains from your clothes
Use electrostatic sprayers to combat the spread of germs

Call 617-750-3517 now to learn more about the sanitization services we offer. We are based in Brattleboro, VT but serve the entire state and beyond.

Filter Allergens and Contaminants Out of Your Air

You can boost your indoor air quality with a purifier from k12 Pure Air

Mold, mildew, dust and viruses are just some of the contaminants that could be polluting the air you breathe.
These kinds of particles can create unhealthy conditions. If you want to help keep everyone in your home or office healthy, consider installing an air purification system.
K12 Pure Air iprovides a wide range of purification systems.
With our emphasis on education, we're committed to helping you learn about and choose the right system for your space.

Start improving your indoor air quality - call 617-750-3517 now to speak with our owner about getting a purification system installed.